Installation Requirements
Installation Requirements

Product name:Knife gate Valve,Slurry valve

1. Before installing the valve, the user shall check valve model and connection dimensions and check if the medium flow direction is in accordance with our requirements.
2. When installing the valve, the user must keep necessary space for valve driving. For example: the connection wires of the drive unit shall be carried out according to the wiring diagram.
3. The valve must be regularly maintained. It shouldn’t be collided or extruded randomly lest the sealing should be impacted.
4. The pipe flanges that equip the wafer type valve shall be special wafer type flanges.
5. The flange seal gasket (water stop strip) shall be in accordance with inside diameter of the valve, but not be larger than inside diameter of the valve.
6. Before the installation, please check if there are impurities at the gate and pipeline, and eliminate them if any.
7. Before opening the valve, lubricate the gate and stem with lubrication and engine oil so as to ensure a easy fall and rise.
8. If the valve is too tight, please adjust the bolts at the two ends on top of the flange. The adjustment shall be acceptable when is no water Leakage.

Performance features of knife gate valve

1. Liftable sealing surface of gate can scrape off the adhered things on the sealing surface and automatically eliminate the impurities.
2. The stainless steel gate valve can prevent sealing leakage due to corrosion.
3. The integral stainless steel materials can prevent corrosion and damage.
4. The short face-to-face dimension can save raw materials and installation space, as well as effectively support the pipe strength.
5. The scientific back seal packing box design makes the back seal safe, effective and durable.
6. The triangle supporter saves the raw materials and ensures necessary mechanical properties.
7. The stainless steel valve stem is highly durable.
8. The driving unit can be freely selected (It can be freely adjusted at 360 degrees for the convenience of operation).
9. V model valve plate can serve as a regulating valve.
10. The guide block on the valve body enables the gate to move correctly and the extrusion block provides effective sealing for the gate.
11. The design of valve body reinforcing rib can enhance the body strength.

Application features of knife gate valve

It is widely used as regulating and current-carrying device on various fluid pipelines of dregs pipe in large enterprises such as sewage treatment, chemical Industry, coal mining Industry, papermaking Industry, sugar-making Industry, tap water, construction, food, electric power, medicine and energy system etc.
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